Replacing injector Seals Fiat Grande Punto 1.3 Multijet (199)

Doing some car maintenance yourself is a lot cheaper. 16 Euro for parts 35 Euro for tools instead of minimal 260 Euro reparation costs.

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Building a dashboard and switch-panel for a little yacht


Completed dashboard

As part of a refit for the little yacht of my father I designed a new dashboard from scratch.

First the design.

The basic design is simple. A base 2 mm thick sheet-plate with holes for switches and led mounts. On top of it a 3mm thick aluminum  sheet which functions as , separated by the nuts of the switches. Precisely enough space for the leds and led mounts from baseplate to frontplate. On the back of the baseplate three profiles are mounted. They function as reinforcement and as a carrier for the ground wire on which the minus of the leds are soldered. The front plate is fitted on the baseplate by the black switch covers. 2 in 1.


Baseplate with frontplate seen from the side.

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What is dibble? Dibble windows desktop demonstration application build upon a  little library I made in CA Visual Objects a few years ago.

The library is purely based on the memory model of a DIB: a device independent bitmap.

What I did is simple. A Dib is just a addressable memory block, and setting the bits in that memory block will result in turning on and off pixels. I choose to use the 24 bit model. 8 bits per color per pixel, resulting in 16777216 possible colors.

Around this model I made a DIB Class, various helper classes and helper methods to create something that is just fun to watch. Nowadays these techniques are completely obsolete because there are better methods and better libraries, like the opencv for example.

Below are some examples what it can do.

A rotatating sphere on the background with exploding stars


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